The "Pick Your Own" Experience at Twin Pines

During the apple harvest in the months of September and October, visitors to Twin Pines have the wonderful opportunity to get out into the orchards and pick from several varieties of apples. In mid September, you will find McIntosh, Royal Gala, and Spartans and as the weeks progress, more and more varieties are ripe for picking (Empire, Cortland, Mutsu, Jona Gold, Ida Red, Delicious, Northern Spy and Fuji). Of course we have many more varieties, too numerous to mention! Visitors are encouraged to taste apples and talk to the staff about kind of apple they would like. We even invite you to mix your baskets so that you can take home a wide variety! All of the trees at Twin Pines are of the dwarf variety, so that no ladders are needed while picking, and we have a unique multi-variety orchard that is directly behind the Cider House – no need to drive for most choices of apples.


When you arrive at the farm, just head into the Cider House for easy-to-handle half-bushel measuring baskets and plastic liners. Staff will speak with you about what you are interested in and promptly give you directions to the varieties you wish. After picking, just return your baskets and continue your visit inside the store where you can pay for your apples. There is no charge to pick in the orchard and we are happy to welcome your entire family to experience picking at Twin Pines. Cool, crisp Autumn days complete with rosy cheeks and brimming baskets of ripe apples…what could be better?




Mutsu (Crispin)




Northern Spy




Jona Gold


Red Delicious




Ida Red


Nova Spy


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