Sweet Cider

Twin Pines is pleased to offer you a smooth, delectably sweet, premium cider. This delicious blend of low acid apples (including Royal Gala, Jona Gold and Spartan) is always hand picked and chosen for sweetness. The flavour is remarkable! Our process of UV filtering ensures that the fresh apple flavour as well as all of the important nutrients are not compromised as any risk of bacteria is eliminated. Served ice-cold, Twin Pines premium cider can be described as crunching into a fresh apple – so refreshing and pure with no additives or preservatives! Served steaming hot mulled with spices or on it’s own, this comforting treat is like a warm blanket! Come on out to the Cider House to taste what it’s all about!

Twin Pines Orchards & Cider House - 8169 Kennedy Line - Thedford - Ontario - Canada

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