The Orchards of Twin Pines

Twin Pines is a fifty acre property with approximately 40 acres planted in fruit. Currently, the farm produces well over one million pounds of apples from 25 commercial varieties as well as approximately 15 heritage and specialty cider varieties. Twin Pines is designated an Integrated Pest Management orchard. Simply, this means that Mark and Mike are certified and trained to count and identify bugs in the orchards and determine when (if at all) to protect the apples with a spray. This approach to fruit growing allows for an incredible reduction in over-spraying and over-use of pesticides. We are proud to be an IPM orchard and provide fruit that has as little additional sprays as possible.


We also have procured an additional 10 acres solely dedicated to fruits and vegetables completely grown without pesticides or herbicides. Visitors to Twin Pines can take comfort in knowing that all of the preserves made in our kitchens incorporate these wonderful fruits and vegetables. Even better, visitors can purchase the many vine crops that are grown pesticide- free to take home to their own kitchens!

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