Grounds (Gardens & Trails)

Your visit to Twin Pines would not be complete unless you took time to enjoy some of the picturesque spots around the farm. It is easy to appreciate the simple gifts of nature no matter what season you are in. Of course in September and October, the outside of the Cider House will be a feast for your eyes with literally mountains of pumpkins, squash, gourds, and decorative corn lining the verandas and lanes. You will find plenty of outdoor decorating ideas and displays to put you in a harvest celebration! Beyond the Cider House, you will find a leafy entrance to a lovely walled walking garden. Take your camera and enjoy a stroll through the whimsical patterns of flowers and vegetables growing beautifully together. Stop and listen to the birds who happily feed from the sprays of millet. Inside the garden, there are several arbours that support lush vines of morning glories, or bird house gourds drooping lazily through the twig-thatched arbour roofs. Depending on the time of year, you might find drifts of lavender and fluttering poppies in the warmth of summer or waves and waves of yellow daffodils in the springtime. Look for a tiny gazebo surrounded by flowers. If you go in, you will find a spot to quietly sit and take in the sounds and colours of the garden. This spectacular garden has become so popular, we have added some canopied picnic tables just for you! Wintertime offers a quiet hush as the snow blankets the earth for a restful sleep. The birds give a colourful show as they continue to feed off of the seeds of the dried perennials from the previous summer. Every season offers breathtaking beauty!


Follow the path to the long bridge and breath in the woodsy and lush green trails – each with a playful name beginning with “The Path of Knowledge”. Feel free to stroll through the winding paths. You’ll find yet another bridge, inlets and streams that connect to the ponds, all adorned with the flora of the Carolinian and Great Lakes Forest Regions. Many berries, nuts, and pond life that are found naturally here create a peaceful sanctuary for dozens of species of songbirds and water fowl. As you walk the trails you will pass by various rare, indigenous species including the Pumpkin Ash, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Ohio Buckeye, and the Shag Bark Hickory.


In the heart of the woods is a special place we fondly call “The Secret Garden”. Behind it’s mossy wooden gate you will find an unspoken invitation to sit and enjoy a moment of peaceful calm. Continuing down the path, you will come to the crowning jewel of our nature trails – Our beautiful waterfall that playfully splashes and cascades down a generous display of Wiarton ledge rock. This waterfall was lovingly and artfully built by all of the children and grandchildren in the family on the occasion of Alma and Joe’s fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. It now serves as a lovely focal point for the grounds and as well a fond memorial to Joe. It was one of his most favourite spots to sit and relax. We hope you might take a moment to settle into one of the chairs and enjoy it too! The gentle spirit of Twin Pines can be found by taking just a few minutes to walk through the gardens and on the nature trails. Come and enjoy!



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