Twin Pines Estate Winery

Even though the Vansteenkiste family has enjoyed over 47 wonderful years building the orchards and enhancing this beautiful property, it has only been 10 years since they have had the proud designation of “Estate Winery” A unique concept was born as both Mark and Mike Vansteenkiste, with the guidance of their father Joe, made plans to press and ferment specifically chosen varieties of hand-picked apples. The brothers experimented for years before they arrived at an incredible combination. They were aiming for Hard Cider done the old fashioned way…with minimal additives and little filtering and using the fruit from this land. They successfully achieved a wonderful South-English style of cider; dry, refreshing and sparkling. It is because we press what we grow, that we can be called an “Estate Winery”. The brothers have worked long and difficult years with the entire family in tow to support them, and they can proudly say that they have realized their very challenging goal. At Twin Pines, you will find various hard ciders (Hammerbent Original, Hammerbent Red, Scrumpy, and Perry as well as Crack Willow (dry white apple wine), Ice Cider and Cyser. Click on Wines and Ciders to learn more about all of the Estate Winery Products.



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