The hazy days of summer bring on an abundance of jobs for everyone at the farm. All of the fields of vegetables and gardens require weeding and watering. Summer pruning in the orchards is in full swing, while mowing the lanes and monitoring insects and weeds keeps everybody busy. The strawberries and raspberries ripen and need to be picked and picked and picked! Alma spends hours freezing and preserving the fruits as their seasons arrive. Deep in the bush at the back of the farm, even the wild black caps plump up and sweeten in the warm summer sun and rain. The fruits are whipped into delectable pies, jams, jellies and sauces, just waiting for your table!


Summer also is the time for the Twin Pines Arts and Theatre Camps (July). It’s an amazing whirlwind of projects and activities for children ages 9-12. This popular day camp offers painting, sculpture, woodworking, set design, music dance and theatre. Contact us for more details, dates and registration information. Spaces fill up quickly!


Early apples coming in from the orchard in mid August are a sign that autumn is just around the corner. You will also find baskets of plums, tomatoes, summer squash and pesticide-free peaches and nectarines on weekends. Of course, Alma’s kitchen continues to bubble away, preparing all of the fruit for the winter. We hope you can find time to visit us on weekends for summer tastings of all of the new wines and ciders being bottled.



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